Lillian Shalom is a Los Angeles based jewelry designer whose background includes photography, music, and a Bachelor in Fine Arts, specializing in Painting from Otis College of Art + Design. Shalom’s work translates themes from the Aesthetic and Decadent movement into contemporary pieces. As an avid collector of objects and oddities from distant lands and bygone eras, nostalgia lingers in all aspects of her work. Inspiration is drawn from ancient archaeology, medieval armor to Art Nouveau and her Persian roots delicately combined with futuristic materials resulting in intricate yet bold wearable art. Pearls, taxidermy beetles, emeralds, opals, thermal activated vinyl, are a few of the opulent materials used to create the “objects d’art” found in her collections. Shalom’s alchemistic approach towards metalwork combined with delicate rare objects found in nature, play with her repeating themes of duality. The overall expression of Shalom’s work is bold yet sensual pieces with themes of ancient ideology being worn in a modern time.